Let’s talk about garage Doors!  More and more homes and businesses now are seeking garage doors for their properties and we can understand why and explain the reason they have become so increasingly popular.  A garage door can offer not only extra protection and security but can also enhance the aesthetic of your property externally.  With the wide range of styles and designs there is something to suit everyone and it can really add to the visual appeal of your property.  A lot of people are wowed with the dramatic change garage doors can make to your property in a positive way.

Reasons To Choose Garage Doors?

  • Cost effective
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Adds value to property

Most commonly, people tend to choose to have garage doors to protect items that cannot be stored in the home, for example bikes, vehicles, garden items and such like, not only protecting them from becoming weathered and damaged in changing climates by being out in the elements but also to protect them from theft.

If you are thinking of investing in a garage door then it is important to do your research to ensure you choose the style that is best suited for what you require.  

Materials Garage Doors Can Be Made From?

  • Wood
  • Wood Composite
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Fibreglass

Wooden garage doors are not the most popular style of garage doors even though the traditional style is inviting and aesthetically pleasing, research has shown that they are not as robust as other materials, whereas wood composite is moisture resistant ensuring it excels in all climates.  They won’t warp or become damaged.

Steel is the undoubtedly most popular material used for garage doors, as this material seems to be the most robust and durable and proven to last a very long time.  If cost is something you are keeping in mind whilst choosing garage doors, then aluminium is a good contender for you to choose to ensure staying within budget whilst still investing in a solid garage door. 

If we are stepping it up a gear, let’s talk about glass garage doors.  Made with a safe tempered glass they offer great security with a luxurious feel and are extremely easy on the eye.  Fibreglass garage doors are also always a good choice as these are made with a steel base with a fibreglass surface moulded on.  Fibreglass is durable and harder to dent compared to other materials.

Investing in insulated garage doors can help dramatically with the temperature of your property and garage (especially if you have rooms above or at the side of the garage) whilst also helping you save energy.  The sales of insulated garage doors has increased rapidly in the last few years.    

Garage doors can be finished flushly matching the rest of the aesthetic of your property whether it is domestic or commercial.  With a wide variety of choices when it comes to colour, material and finish there is something for everyone, domestic or commercial and to suit all budgets.

Garage doors usually come with warrantee however, repairs and servicing can be supplied by many companies alike.  The up and over garage door style is a simple one piece panel making it the easiest style to repair.  

There are many mechanism choices of garage doors from electric to up and over doors.

Mechanism Styles & Designs

  • Up and Over 
  • Torsion Spring
  • Electric Operator
  • Automatic Electric
  • Trackless Sectional

Up and over is most definitely the more popular choice due to the simplicity.  Choosing a mechanism suitable to you will all depend on what you expect from your garage doors.  

From front entrance doors, car ports and pedestrian doors the list is endless when it comes to choosing the perfect garage door for your home or business.

In conclusion we can safely say garage doors are a good investment for any property, all domestic, commercial and industrial.  Garage doors are a contemporary and stylish choice for your property for not only the aesthetic appeal but also the safety features included.  Adding to this, it is clearly advisable to seek advice and information from the experts, or even do your own research and look into manufacturers when choosing the style and design most suitable for you. 

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